Excellent Shading

Trend shutters feature a casing structure and stiles made of aluminium, yet its lamellas are made of PVC.

It has a closed casing system and aluminium side pieces at an angle of 20 degrees. Inside, it has a galvanized steel shaft with metallic bearings on each side for easy handling. The narrow extruded plastic stiles have brushes which ensure quiet operation.

The lamellas are double walled, 37 mm high and made of UV stable plastic.

The finishing strip is made of extruded plastic with a metal lining and hidden buffer. It also has a rubber coating in order to provide dust-free closing. The standard system operates with rolling straps and an automatic fastener, but it is also available with cords in case of oblique drillings.

The structure’s (casing, stile, finishing strip) standard colours are white and dark brown, but we also manufacture the product in unique RAL colours and with RENOLIT foil (golden oak, walnut, mahogany).

Lamellas are available in four standard colours and six heatproof colours.

All our shutters are available with integrated insect screens.

Insect screen: its material is gray fibreglass, which is optically invisible. It is attached to the aluminium finishing strip with a folded, rubber coated edge.