Textile Blinds

Interplay of Light
Have fun with natural light!

Textile, wood, aluminium, PVC or leather… the opportunities are limitless in the case of indoor shading.

Apart from creating a pleasant atmosphere, indoor shading plays a crucial role in creating a comfortable and cosy environment.


Recommended for vertical, tilt-and-turn and rooftop windows.

Suitable for shading larger surfaces.

Textile blinds are one of the oldest forms of shading equipment. Their function and aesthetical appearance is primarily defined by the textile used.

They are suitable for the shading of both vertical and angled surfaces.

The blinds are available with or without casing.
The type of textile is selected based on the function of the blinds.

 Aesthetic requirements are satisfied thanks to the wide range of available colours.

Roller blinds are primarily suitable for indoor shading, thus the textiles are only for indoor use with the exception of the sun netting. The textiles are typically made of polyester with various surface treatment substances.