Separet n awning


SEPARET N are awnings that can be vertically rolled down.


The structure is suitable for mounting on roofs or facades with the support of its alloy base or cylinder wall plate support.

Its application is recommended up until 6 m width, as the deformation of the awnings cylinder – with a diameter of 70 mm –is significant above this size. The cylinder is a galvanized seam-welded steel pipe with a diameter of 70 mm and wall thickness of 1 mm with fibreglass-reinforced plastic plugs in its ends.
The 1 inch, thick-walled galvanic weight pipe perfectly stretches the awning.
An 1:7 gear ratio engine rotates the cylinder with the help of the detachable con-rod that can be replaced with a motorized operational system. The motor is installed in the awnings tube with built-in limit switches and heat protection.

In order to prevent dislocation due to wind, the weight tube can be fixed and the awnings can be perfectly stretched with the engine.

As each application has different attachment options, the lower mounting of the structures is resolved during the on-site installation. The shading can be installed with Bowden cable-, rod- or rail guiding.

The colour of the supporting brackets’ powder coating is RAL 7035.

Awnings are impregnated with an antifungal substance and have a water retention capacity of 350 mmH2O.
Awnings should only be cleaned without chemicals and it is important to note that  their lifespan can be extended up to 8-10 years by following the instructions.
The awnings can be ordered with a protective roofing that shields the structure and the awnings from environmental effects when mounted on a facade.
The structure can endure winds of up to 30-40 km/h, depending on the awning’s size. In the case of strong gusts, the awnings should be rolled up, or protected with a wind sensor if its operation is motorized.