Full casette Awning

Full Casette:
Awning with a fully encased system, which means that the awning and the mechanism are situated in a closed casing.

The structure is fully made of aluminium (casing, folding arm, headtube, brackets). The folding arm structure is driven by self-lubricating chains and has spring tension which provides the perfect stretch of the awning, requiring no maintenance.

It can be installed on both facades and roofs. The structure’s standard colours are WHITE and SILVER. The standard structure works with a hand crank, but it can also be motorized.

The Austrian SATTLER awning comes with a 5-year warranty.

It is impregnated and water repellent. The impregnation prevents impurities from penetrating into the material.

There are 3 main categories of the Sattler awnings based on their UV stability,

  • UV40,
  • UV60,
  • UV80.

It is important to keep in mind that even UV40 material can filter out more than 97% of the harmful rays. Choose any colour for your awning, the price is the same.

We manufacture our awnings with SOMFY premium motors and controls.

The motors are equipped with switches or a remote control (RTS= Radio Technology Somfy).

In the case of motors with switches, we usually recommend the Inis Uno single switch or the Inis Duo double switch (with an up and down switch as well as a stop button), but customers can use their own switches that match the other switches of the house.

In the case of remote control motors: We recommend ALTUS radio motors. The motor and the remote control communicate with the help of radio signal. Up-down and MY button. The MY button functions as a Stop button when the awning is in motion, but pushing the MY button when the awning is stationary allows adjusting the awning to our favourite position. SUNEA CSI motors with manual emergency opening. SUNEA IO motors with two-way communication (NOT CSI motor).

We offer several types of remote controls. Most frequently: Telis 1 Pure single-channel remote control or PATIO remote control. The latter is developed for awnings and is splashing water and impact-proof. Wind sensor: Eolis 3D, Wind-light control: Soliris SENSOR RTS, yet in this case, the TELIS SOLIRIS remote control is recommended. For local control, the SMOOVE remove control visible on the racks is the best option. It is battery-powered and requires no preparation.