Security Louver

The PROTAL louver is a premium product of the BAUMANN HÜPPE company. It unifies the interplay of light offered by a louver with the security function of shutters. There is no corded or ribbon suspension between the special 96 mm lamellas.

It provides a full – so-called – panoramic view between the lamellas. The rubberized surfaces of the lamellas provide perfect light blocking and quiet operation. The mechanical chain structure situated in the extruded stiles ensures the movement, tilt and securing of the lamellas. It provides extreme wind protection.

The built-in security sensor provides obstacle detection, which prevents the product from having defects. When it is fully lowered, the product’s security locking mechanism automatically blocks the dislocation of the strips, making it more difficult to break in. Its robust design perfectly suits old-style buildings as well. It operates with a manual con-rod or a motor.

It is worth leaving space for the casing of the shading equipment above the doors and windows in the lintel when designing a house. Thanks to the casing system that can be plastered, the casing is not visible after insulation. It can also be installed above existing, built-in doors and windows with a visible casing solution in an “L” or a “U” shape.

Wide colour palette: the structure can be ordered in all colours of the RAL colour chart while the lamellas are available in 21 colours. With the incorporation of intelligent controls, you can increase your comfort and realize energy savings.

Whether it is wired or wireless technology, pre-programmed movement or wind/light protection, our company offers alternatives for all situations.