Veranda – Perfect Shading Equipment for Winter Gardens

The structures are operated by ribbed belts as shades specially designed for the roof surfaces of winter gardens.

The tension cord and the awnings are retracted onto the same shaft. The deviation due to the difference in diameters is taken up by a spring-tensioned pulley hidden in the front profile. The structure contains an engine with a mechanical limit.


All of our textiles are manufactured with strong UV protection, are water and dirt repellent, inhibit mould and algae formation and are self-cleaning.

Their key features include longevity, ease of handling and a wide range of colours.

Thanks to its wide range of colours, our customers are sure to find the colour that harmonizes with their surroundings.
Quality is particularly important to us, therefore all of our materials have “Hightex Quality” certifications and satisfy the strictest requirements on a high level.