Premium aluminium shutters

Excellent Heat – and Soundproofing

Premium aluminium shutters are a great choice for those focused on long-term solutions.

Enjoy the following advantages when choosing this type:

  • SHADING (The best shading technology equipment since the use of shutters. Perfectly protects the fittings of your home from harmful heating sunrays and protects your home from prying eyes.)
  • SECURITY (Our manufactured aluminium shutters have self-blockers.)
  • LONGEVITY (Thanks to its material, aluminium components are extremely resistant to unfavourable weather conditions.)



  • EASY TO HANDLE (Standard shutters have rolling strap or cord guiding and are easy to handle thanks to the bearings featured in our products. Moreover, we can recommend additional options, e.g. motor-driven types that can be controlled with switches or remote control.)
  • HEAT- AND SOUNDPROOFING (Aluminium shutters provide excellent heat- and soundproofing since in a fully lowered position, the shutters and the window glass create an air gap that filters the unpleasant heat of the sun and provides soundproofing.)
  • DECORATIVE FUNCTION (Shutters can be great, decorative accessories of your home as you can choose from a range of different colours, so it can harmonize with the colour of the house or the doors and windows.)

  • EASY TO CLEAN (It can easily be wiped off with soapy water.)

Premium Aluminium Shutters

  • have a closed casing system and aluminium sides at a 20-degree angle.
  • Inside, it has a galvanized steel shaft with metallic bearings on each side for easy handling.
  • The narrow-extruded plastic stiles have brushes which ensure quiet operation.
  • The aluminium lamellas are 39 mm high, double-walled and filled with PUR foam, thus providing excellent heat- and soundproofing.
  • Both sides of the lamellas have end caps which prevent the lateral dislocation of the lamellas, ensuring continuous connection with the stiles.
  • The finishing strip is made of extruded plastic with metal lining and hidden buffer. It also has a rubber coating in order to provide dust-free closing.
  • The standard system operates with rolling straps and an automatic fastener, but it is also available with cords in case of oblique drillings. All aluminium shutters have self-blockers that allow the shutters to be pushed up for about 5-8 cm before stalling.
  • The product is also available with extra self-blockers that ensure zero dislocation (MINI STOP for manual operation and LOCK TO PLAY for motor-driven operation).
  • Our aluminium shutter can also be motorized.
  • The structure’s (casing, stile, finishing strip) standard colours are white and dark brown (these colours are also featured on the insect screen racks), but is also available in unique RAL colours and with RENOLIT foil (golden oak, walnut, mahogany).
  • Lamellas are available in seven standard colours and further additional colours.
  • All our shutters are available with integrated insect screens. Insect screen: its material is gray fibreglass, which is optically invisible. It is attached to the aluminium finishing strip with a folded, rubber coated edge.