Basic Plastic Shutter

Shutter Outstanding value for money

It is an extremely popular shading system thanks to its outstanding value for money. BASIC Plastic Shutter:

  • SHADING Provides great shade, thus protecting the fittings in your home from harmful sunrays and prying eyes.
  • SECURITY It has no security function as its PVC lamellas are easy to cut with a sharp knife which is why it has no integrated self-blocker.
  • LONGEVITY Thanks to its material, the aluminium components are extremely resistant to unfavourable weather conditions.
  • HEAT- AND SOUNDPROOFING Naturally, it doesn’t provide the level of heat and soundproofing as aluminium shutters, but it significantly contributes to the warm temperatures of your home.
  • DECORATIVE FUNCTION Shutters can be a great, decorative accessory of your home since you can choose from numerous colours when it comes to the lamella, so it can harmonize with the colour of your house.
  • EASY TO CLEAN It can be easily wiped off with soapy water.

Plastic Shutter BASIC

  • Featuring the open Lindab casing system and aluminium side pieces at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • It also includes an inner plastic shaft with metallic bearings on each side for easy handling.
  • The narrow plastic stiles have brushes which ensure quiet operation.
  • The lamellas are double walled, 37 mm high and made of UV stable plastic.
  • The finishing strip is made of plastic featuring metal lining and a hidden buffer. It also has rubber coating in order to provide dust-free closing.
  • The standard system operates with rolling straps and an automatic fastener, but it is also available with cords in case of oblique drillings.
  • The structure (casing, stile, finishing strip) is available in white and dark brown colour, the lamellas are available in four standard colours and with six heatproof surfaces.
  • All our shutters are available with integrated insect screens. Insect screen: its material is gray fibreglass, which is optically invisible. It is attached to the aluminium finishing strip with a folded, rubber coated edge.