Louvers offer the combination of the perfect outdoor shading equipment and modern design as they have aesthetic value and are easy to handle.

They are made of stainless material and their operation is excellent even in extreme weather conditions.

Their wide lamellas ensure the appropriate light conditions of the room at any time of the day.

Their additional benefit is that they protect your home from unwanted gazes, while providing uninhibited views from the inside.

Thanks to the wide range of available colours, they match the facades and serve as decorative elements of the apartment.
The aluminium lamellas are colourfast and manufactured with a UV-resistant surface coating, thus providing a long lifespan and excellent heat insulation.

Their brightness can be regulated, the angles of lamellas can be adjusted by hand crank or motorized control, and can also be retracted with the same means.

They greatly improve the comfort of indoor areas in sunny weather, blocking out any views from outside while offering views from the inside. Depending on its guiding system, we offer wire or rail guide-based solutions.

Louver lamella types:

  • Standard (beaded)
  • Flex (unbeaded)
  • Z lamella

Beaded lamellas are more windproof, allowing the installation of wider shades. Unbeaded lamellas are flexible and slightly curved. They bend when the wind load is greater, yet thanks to their flexibility, they regain their original shape. Louvres with flat lamellas require less space in a rolled-up position.

Benefits of motorized louvers
From traditional to modern solutions, louvers are useful and decorative additions to all buildings. Louvers shows their true colours in the hands of someone who loves paying attention to the interplay of lights.

Good to know

Louvers provide a greater degree of comfort in your home.

They provide:

  • The option of regulating natural light.
  • Blocking disturbing reflections.
  • Protecting personal spaces.
  • Protecting indoor areas from harmful rays of the sun.
  • Following the sun’s position by adjusting the angle of the lamellas.

It makes no difference whether the lamellas are Z, F or C shaped, beaded or unbeaded, wide or narrow, as all types can effectively control the amount of incoming light.

Things to keep in mind about Louvers
Louvers are a form of outdoor shading equipment with lamellas, similar to venetian blinds used indoors, yet the aluminium lamellas resist unfavourable weather conditions.
One of the benefits of shading equipment with lamellas is that the amount of light entering the room can be precisely regulated.
The motorized louver lamellas are precisely adjustable with Somfy’s special scroll button remote control.

Automate your louvers
…because life is all about motion!

Regardless of their size, all forms of louvers can be motorized.

Motorized louvers for windows: have fun with the light and control the amount of natural light entering your home.

Why choose a motorized louver?

Motorized louver lamellas can be precisely operated with the help of the remote control. The position of the lamellas can be precisely adjusted with the Telis Mod/Var remote control’s scroll button, thus the amount of light entering the building can be easily controlled.

Benefits of the Somfy Motorized Louver

Somfy motors are compact and almost all types of shading equipment – even the ones with smaller size – can be motorized.
The angles of the lamellas can be precisely adjusted.
It’s easy to switch to an automated home.
The motor of the louvers can be simply integrated into the TaHoma home automation system and the house’s equipment can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet.


Somfy Tips

For pleasant indoor temperatures in the summer:

 Thanks to the light sensor, the lamellas automatically follow the sun’s position, keeping your home cool, and protecting your furniture and plants from the intense and direct sunlight.

Presence Simulation:
The programmable timer moves the lamellas and turns on the lights to make it look like that someone is home.



Why choose Somfy?

Innovation, Service, Warranty…

Much more than a motorized louver.


Built-in Intelligence

The louver motor driven by radio technology adds a touch of brilliance to your home and raises its standard.
Experience the sensation by installing the first piece of equipment. With the help of the TaHoma box, you can control all of the connected devices via your Tablet or smartphone, group the shades, start the alarm and all other Somfy equipment. The TaHoma Box is available from our partners since 2016.

The Best Technology Available

Somfy’s electric motors are created with the latest io-homecontrol® home automation technology.
• Using radio motors is safe and reliable thanks to high-quality technology solutions.
• The motor sends feedback to the remote control, allowing you to monitor what’s happening without taking a single step.
• Top construction and renovation manufacturers use the same technology.

Warranty of an International Brand

  • Design takes place in a cutting-edge French research and development centre.
    • Products are tested and examined according to the strictest requirements, which guarantees excellent quality, high performance and longevity.
    • Complying with the highest safety standards.

Choose the ideal solution

Leave the installation to an expert



The io-homecontrol has advanced and secure radio frequency technology that is easy to set up. Products featuring the io-homecontrol logo can communicate with one another. They are safe and energy efficient and also increase your sense of comfort. More information

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