Venetian Blinds

Popular shading equipment for offices and apartments, that is practical and has an aesthetic value. Thanks to the wide range of available colours, it can suit the colours of the apartment, and can also be used as space partitioning.

Its application provides almost an endless number of options as it can be installed on any type of doors or windows.

The lamellas are made of 16 and 25 mm aluminium, in 117 colours.

In the case of venetian blinds with glass rods, the retraction of the lamellas is controlled by the cords on the side of the curtain pole. These are secured by a weight lock at the outlet that can be controlled based on which direction the cord is pulled.

The rotation of the lamellas and the amount and direction of the light is controlled by the glass rod on the side of the headrail. The headrail controls the lamellas by a small worm gear.

Mounting: on the ceiling or facade.

Handling: on the right or left side.