Zebra Roller Blinds

Zebra roller blinds are an indoor shading equipment with a textile-based system.

Its casing system is made of high stability aluminium, manufactured in any colour of the RAL scale and in any faux wood colour.

Its surface consists of alternating dark and translucent stripes.

The amount of light and transparency is adjustable.

The ends of the casing feature finishing elements made of flexible plastic. The pivoting cylinder built into the finishing rail ensures the smooth running of the textile. The device can be operated manually with the ball chain, or it can be motorized.


Suitable for the shading of larger, vertical surfaces. The blinds can be stopped in any position.
The casing and the lower finishing strip are normally white (RAL 9016), yet can be painted to any chosen RAL colour (for a surcharge).
Available colours of the plastic elements include: white (RAL 9016) or gray (RAL 7035).


  • overall width or width of the textile
    When providing the width size, please consider that the width of the textile is 4 cm shorter than the overall width of the roller blinds.
  • overall height
  • textile based on colour sample
  • situation of the operator (left or right)
  • length of the ball chain