A harmony of shadow and light.

Home is the place where our soul resides.

It is dressed in our personality, shaped by our taste and filled by the warmth of our hearts.

We instinctively seek for harmony, a state of mind when things are balanced, when “the shadow is reconciled with the light”.

Gredex Kft. has been offering ideal solutions for over 19 years.

We are leading operators in the domestic field of shading technology manufacturing. We manufacture products with international certifications from excellent materials and with well-established technology.

Gredex Kft. provides you complete control and comfort of protection from the sun.

Our shading products are unique and have a period of warranty. The manufacturing, installation and mounting take place according to your needs throughout the country.

We await your arrival in our interactive showrooms, where you are sure to find the best shading technology solution to stand between you and the sun.

Take a look at our references, the pictures speak for themselves.